getting to know your baker

Photo on 6-13-14 at 8.43 PMI’m Kristin. For now, I’m doing away with the mysterious and elusive third person description and barging right in on your reading experience.  How’s it going?

I have a deep, deeep, deeeep love of baking. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do, (probably thanks to copious Martha Stewart and Julia Child exposure during my formative years…Thanks, Mama!). Professionally, personally, in a huge kitchen with industrial mixers and convection ovens, in my own tiny kitchen blasting Sleater-Kinney and getting my hands dirty…whenever, wherever, I’m a baker.

But I’m a writer, too. And a teacher, a fledgling ukulele player, a crafter, an artist, an editor…in spite of my many hats, it’s easy to paint myself into a corner, to get stuck on the idea that I’m only one thing, so this blog is, at its very simplest, an attempt to get myself out of that mindset.

“How can she think that?!” you’re probably saying, “she just said she’s like, five different things!! What the heck??”

I know. It’s complicated. Life’s like that! Complicated! But here we are.Feminist

You should know that I am a feminist, and that I take my values pretty damn seriously, but with a big, huge, mondo grain of salt. I mean, come on. I’m admittedly addicted to Sex and the City (surprisingly easy to find on VHS) and recognize the irony in spouting certain ideals whilst adhering to traditional gender roles (gals in the kitchen and whatnot), but I think we all realize it’s complicated as heck, plus we all choose our choice, y’know?You should also know that I adhere to principles of gender equality, too, and that feminist ideology is deeply nuanced and complicated, and not to be taken lightly. It also doesn’t mean that I hate men or look down on anyone who doesn’t identify in the same way I do. I might want to have a meaningful discussion about it…but that’s as complicated as it’s going to get.

IMG_0431You might find some some gentle kink on this blog. You might find wine tips, or indelicately worded rants about nonsense at the bar (my partner tends bar…consequently, I am a barfly). You might find complaints about grad school, thoughts on 21st century romance and female friendship, or notes on how to make life a little more lo-fi. You might find the next book you read, or the next birthday cake you make. Whatever you do find, here’s hoping that you’re always having fun. Fingers crossed.

Love, Kristin the bakergrrrl

for information regarding recipes and other baking shenanigans, you can reach me at

for editorial services, you can reach me at

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