Sweatpants Pedagogy

This is my classroom now.

This week marks the start of the Spring semester for LACCD schools. It also marks the end of a long, lazy winter vacation wherein I became very well-acquainted with a pair of boy’s sweatpants from target and a fuzzy sweater that sheds incessantly but makes up for fuzzy lint trails in ultimate coziness. Sweats and a sweater have become my uniform and, now that I am teaching two ONLINE CLASSES, they’ve replaced my black pants / white shirt / black blazer professor look. This is gonna be weird.

One of the strangest things about teaching online is how much it’s made me aware of my email voice (as opposed to my texting voice, talking voice, joking voice, or teaching voice). I’ve noticed that, in an effort to come off as warm and not internet bot-like, I use an astonishing number of smiley faces. So many, in fact, that ruminating on emojis made its way into a recent full-time app cl. Not sure how that’ll go over, but I think I Tim Gunn’d it (made it work, yeah?).

In any case…these classes last 8 weeks. Only 8 weeks! What am I going to do with myself come April?! I might need a new pair of sweatpants…